Our domain experts, many with certifications in PMP, PGMP, Six Sigma Blackbelts, FINRA, ABA, CRA, Series 6&7 and FCRA, work across a spectrum of banking sub-domains and horizontals.

Using proven methodologies to design and execute business transformation backed by blueprint designs that are used as accelerators, we have invested heavily in building our technology capabilities, focusing on the areas that we believe bring the most value to our clients, including data and analytics, technology transformation and cyber.


Fintech, or financial technology, is driving the transformation to create new commercial possibilities, sharpen operational efficiency, lower costs, improve customer experience and heighten the appeal of products and services.

PGMP ensures that you embrace fin-tech-driven business models efficiently and will help you seize most of the opportunities in the marketplace for differentiation and growth.

Our solutions reduce costs through process re-engineering and process rationalization. We deploy flexible platforms with the ability to interact with a host of upstream and downstream applications.


We work with clients as they shape their businesses and execute their strategies and advise on issues related to compliance, risk and regulation, innovations in mobile and digital technologies, including Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent (AI), Robotics, and voice assistants (Google, Alexa and Siri) the disruptive impact of FinTech, and the changing customer profiles.

Financial Services

Financial institutions face increasing regulation, growing risk considerations, disruptive technologies, shrinking margins, and rising cost levels. All are challenges to growth.

Sophisticated strategies and solutions will be required for financial institutions to gain a competitive edge. PGMP professionals assist many of today’s largest financial services firms with their most challenging issues in every segment of the financial industry: consumer/retail banking, commercial banking, multi-finance, securitisation, capital markets, insurance, investment management, broker/dealer and real estate.

Risk & Regulatory

Today’s interconnected businesses bring a web of intertwined risks. Excellence in the risk and regulatory domain can present the firm with opportunity to outshine the peers and build trust with its customers and regulators and help them grow. We help firm become risk leaders and use risk initiatives to help move firms towards profitability

Operational Excellence

Its critical for institutions to have a Fit-for-Growth strategy and an action plan to cut costs and improve efficiency in a way that allows for future growth. We can help re-engineer processes to deliver lasting savings and sustainable improvements in operational efficiency.

Banking and Capital Markets

Financial institutions face increasing regulation, growing risk considerations, disruptive technologies, shrinking margins, and rising cost levels. PGMP provides strategies and solutions to gain a competitive edge in challenging issues in every segment of the financial industry.

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Looking for greater predictability, control, and execution of your programs

What are common issues with the Program Management?

Executives are frustrated with the lack of throughput in product organizations – lack of predictability, not enough innovation, and a lack of trust with product management

Teams are frustrated with micro-management, meddling, and slow decision-making.

The result is costly delays and revenue push-outs

How do organizations improve Program Management?

First, understand the key drivers that prevent successful execution

Implement small ‘a’ Agile that is tailored to your business, not a cookie-cutter Agile approach

Prioritize the top to improve – often it is a trust gap between managers and Program Managers & lack of visibility

Improve the areas rapidly, using an “Inch-wide, Mile-deep” strategy & manage change by measuring behavior using ‘predictive metrics’

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PGMP’s perspective, approach and experiences, can help you overcome challenges with agility and ensure efficiency and growth

Founded on the principles of trust, experience, and innovation, Program Management Professionals (PGMP) specializes in strategy execution – the implementation of business strategy to achieve targeted business goals. Applied strategy situations that PGMP frequently leads include: digital transformations for business, scaling capabilities for growth, optimizing operations for cost reduction, driving synergies for M&A, and recovering projects in distress. PGMP’s services are right-sized for our Clients’ needs, ranging from our “Advantage Plus” Team” service when our Clients want PGMP to own an outcome and share delivery risk, to Expert/Advisory services for senior-level guidance, to Strategic Staffing services for execution-oriented tasks and roles. Our expertise spans Banking and Financial Services, overlaid by multidisciplinary skills in the four capabilities essential to strategy execution: Strategy & Innovation, Program Execution, Technology, and Analytics.PGMP has deep experience across change management, process improvement, domain capabilities and automation to bring about transformation in the client’s business.

PGMP has hands-on consulting approach and we partner with clients through their transformation journeys and implementations, We help them realize business values, while mitigating risks and increasing efficiencies